Getting the best
out of your body

Do you want TO HIT
the Town with Your workout?
Get and Stay Fit
in just 30 minutes a day

  • Lose weight: lose 2 to 5 kg in three months, but forever.
  • Body more energized.
  • Reduce the stress quickly after a working day,
    and be more calm for the rest of the day

Is Metropolitan Beast For You?

"A man who is not connected with his body will lose time and energy" Ditch your Excuses: Stay fit in Only Half an Hour A Day with Metropolitan Beast

You just got in touch with a community of healthy, resolute and intelligent men who are focused on getting results, destroying excuses and enjoying the process.

The concept which you will notice is at the core of MB is to provide a durable support for your daily training, pushing your motivation and following the progress.

Sedentary life is making us lazy and fat. A man who is not connected with his body will spend much more of his precious time recovering from stress. We don't accept.

My intention for Metropolitan Beast is to make you forget the excuses, and pushing you to face your only true opponent: yourself.

Get the Metropolitan Beast Spirit!

"No method as method, no limit as limit" Bruce Lee

Tackle with Stress:
"Get Fit with MB" + Secret Bonus

  • #1 How To Schedule Home Training?

    How To Schedule Home Training?

  • #2 Which Are The Risks of a Teach-Yourself Approach?

    Which Are The Risks of a Teach-Yourself Approach?

  • #3 Can I Practice Martial Arts Without The Help of a Master?

    Can I Practice Martial Arts Without The Help of a Master?

  • #4 How Can I Tackle With Stress?

    How Can I Tackle With Stress?


Who is Mr. Beast?

I'm Dario Foresti an Engineer

Fitness and Lifestyle coach, engineer and manager, Dario Foresti is on a mission to help people with a busy schedule across the globe get the bodies and lifestyles they crave. At the core of everything Dario creates is a belief that simplicity, motivation, and enjoyment are the non-negotiable keys to achieving success. Fun Facts: Dario loves Tango, the fight, traveling, Italy, style, pizza. His favourite book is the Odissey. Dario works as technical manager in Milan and is often around Europe for work. He is a certified teacher of athletics and martial arts and a seasoned fighter. Favorite Quote: "You are your only opponent"

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    Special Offer 29€.

    Do you find yourself stressed after long working hours? Do you deal with lack of time and space for a proper workout? Gyms are too far away from your home or they are too expensive? Have you ever thought: why there is no such a workout that is quick and very effective? Here’s a simple, yet effective way to solve this.

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    Starting from 50€/month

    I am certified sport coach with many years of experience in teaching different styles of sport. I believe that everyone can build the body he wants, and I am here to help you.

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    See What Others Have To Say About MB

    Andreja, 25 years of age
    Andreja, 25 years of age

    When I first started MB workout I was a bit sceptical. I’m an artist and I’ve never been very sportive person. And I also thought: martial arts? Well, I don’t think that’s for me.

    But I gave it a try and I was surprised. After two months my body really improved. I liked very much the graphics and sounds, they are so cool! My bottom is more round, my legs are stronger and cellulite-less, my waist is thinner and my abs and arms more defined. And it takes only 15 minutes a day!

    So I didn’t have excuses not to do it. But beside great improvement of my body, also felt more grounded, more focused after the workout. It’s really well designed, to make the best out of your body. I love it!

    Diego, 34 years of age
    Diego, 34 years of age

    Although I did many different sports in my life and went from athletics to basketball, snowboard and mountain hiking, at the moment I just do cycling and work in my London office most of the time. I don’t have much time for sports that’s why I started with MB.

    Starting Metropolitan beast was quite and interesting experience, the kind that you don’t expect. While you are copying the moves on the screen, the whole thing feels a little like a video-game but at the same time you feel a kind of cool as well.

    You know that awesome feeling that you had when as kid you were jumping around pretending to be some sort of lethal warrior?Ahahah, yeah, I love that.

    The most aerobic and dynamic part of the workout is really “doing” for me, it activates most of my muscles and sometimes could be very challenging as well. The “kung fu” positions part is definitely very, very martial.

    The moment you manage to get those position right-ish, or when you feel yourself as “in control” and your coordination is going just right, it is right there that you feel the beast and it’s an instant of awesomeness.Thanks Dario.



    You can join our program as well. See how you can get in shape of your life.

    Join the program

    Unchain the Beast inside you! The Only Opponent in MB is Yourself

    MB is for everyone.

    • People with difficult and well-paid jobs (managers, attorneys, accountants, bankers, spies, drug dealers, etc)
    • Fitness addicted looking for something new
    • Anyone is away for home and has no space for training (hotel customers, travelers)


    How Does MB Work?


     You download the video workouts to your pc
    You watch the video and schedule your weekly trainings (30-45 minutes a day)
    You find a place without distractions (home, office, hotel, garden, nature)
    You train

    The Most Frequent Questions We Get Asked




      MB handbook puts at your service the knowledge and the experience of years in different disciplines guiding you through the difficulties of home training.


      Teach-yourself approach is dangerous for novices. You need to know how to handle injuries, or which positions/gestures can cause problems on the long run. Everything you need to know to approach safely home workout is here.

      My intention for Metropolitan Beast is to spread the martial word around the globe and achieve mental and physical benefits through a healthy sportive activity: this is not a real martial arts course but if exercises are easy to understand and the customers are correctly assisted, MB is a perfect support for a superlative home training.


      Stress is an accumulation of anger and frustration. MB proposes two great instruments against this problem: martial arts and relaxation techniques. Martial arts will let you vent your tension without losing the control and the communication with yourself. The relaxation techniques inspired to Tibetan tradition will help you calming down your mind and balancing before new challenges.

      Definitely yes. The biological reaction that “burns” your fat is called aerobic because happens in presence of oxygen: it’s a medium-level prolonged effort. Although the workouts are designed to last maximum 45 minutes, you will do a lot of aerobic training.


      The answer is no. This is not a body-building program but what you will obtain is a leaner and more defined muscular mass.

      Yes. MB is for everyone with no serious handicap. Men and women, slims and fats. Obviously, as every individual activity, the practice is required to self-evaluate the level of preparation, and perform consequently. MB does not assume any liability for the consequence of eventual injuries.

      No. There is no limit of age: MB workouts can be done by everyone. Also by kids and teen-ager. In case you do not feel comfortable during or after a workout stop immediately, and if the problem persists contact a doctor.

    • WHAT DO I GET?

      MB method is composed by three services: the live activities (which mostly take place in Milan), the online consulting via Skype, and our video workouts. Plus we are working on a nutrition and relaxation guide. Many of the servicesand products we can offer are for free.


      Food is very important: you can sweat a lot, but with what you will reintegrate the substances your body has lost sweating and working? MB nutrition plan will help you with tasty and nutrients recipes and suggestions specifically designed for our practices.

    Getting the best out of your body

    You Want Results?

    Here's what you'll achieve

    Now’s the time to learn:
    What kind of food and movement work for your body.
    How to simplify your life and stay motivated.
    The best ways to enjoy your body more right now.
    I have a little gift to help you get started. Just enter your email below and click “Get it”

    Improve your body fitness

    • Lose weight: lose 2 to 5 kg in three months, but forever.
    • Body more energized.
    • Leaner body and less fat mass.
    • Better coordination.

    Improve your mental fitness

    • Reduce the stress quickly after a working day, and be more calm for the rest of the day
    • Self-confident with your physical appearance.
    • Improve concentration.
    • Martial spirit

    Stay tuned with Metropolitan Beast

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